How Nokia, Microsoft, Apple and Others Reacted to Android 10 Years Ago

How Nokia, Microsoft, Apple and Others Reacted to Android 10 Years Ago

Whereas the world is acknowledging and celebrating the tenth anniversary of iPhone, not many people even know that 2017 can also be the tenth anniversary of Android. The primary public beta of Android was launched to the general public again in 2007. Though a working Android cellphone didn’t see the sunshine of the day till yet another yr (first client Android cellphone was launched in 2008), the discharge of the general public beta set the muse stone for the platform which at the moment powers greater than 80% of all of the smartphones on this planet. What’s even funnier is that identical to the tenth anniversary of Android isn’t receiving a lot press, when Android’s first beta was launched, it was vastly underestimated and ridiculed by each main smartphone firm of that point together with Microsoft, Nokia, Apple, and others. Let’s see what they stated:

Nokia: “We don’t see this as a risk.”

Microsoft: “It actually sounds that they’re getting a complete bunch of individuals collectively to construct a cellphone and that’s one thing we’ve been doing for 5 years. I don’t perceive the affect that they will have.” (Scott Horn, Microsoft Home windows Cell workforce).

Symbian: “If Google was not concerned the trade would have simply yawned and rolled over. We take it significantly however we’re those with actual telephones, actual cellphone platforms and a wealth of quantity constructed up over years.” (Symbian’s John Forsight.)

Apple: “I’ll spend my final dying breath if I have to, and I’ll spend each penny of Apple’s $40 billion within the financial institution, to proper this incorrect. I’m going to destroy Android as a result of it’s a stolen product. I’m keen to go thermonuclear struggle on this.” (Steve Jobs)

As you’ll be able to see, not one of the corporations took Android as a severe competitors. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs even went so far as to name Android a stolen product and vowed to destroy it. Nevertheless, we all know what occurred 10 years sooner or later, don’t we? As talked about earlier than, at the moment, greater than 80% of smartphones are working on Android and on the similar time Microsoft’s cell division is formally useless and Nokia died after which was reborn with Android as its soul (so to talk). Solely Apple has managed to stand-up to the Android juggernaut until now. If solely the key smartphone corporations knew then what we all know now, they might not have taken Android so barely.