Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin? This Former SpaceX Intern Thinks So

Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin? This Former SpaceX Intern Thinks So

Elon Musk is usually credited with being the most important tech visionary of the twenty-first century by his followers and whereas his critics beg to vary, even they grudgingly admit that the person is aware of how methods to take his message to the plenty. Whether or not he is a good visionary or a extremely expert salesman could also be up for debate, however the media merely can’t appear to have sufficient of him, which is why a current declare from an individual who describes himself as a former SpaceX intern has generated numerous consideration this week. In response to Sahil Gupta, Elon Musk is the creator of the world’s preeminent Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Gupta’s principle has already discovered takers amongst many conspiracy theorists world wide. That’s as a result of nobody is aware of for sure who really wrote the unique 2008 Bitcoin paper that finally shaped the bottom for the cryptocurrentcy revolution that we’re experiencing in the present day. Whereas it was mentioned to be written by somebody known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, it’s extensively understood to be the pseudonym for an individual or individuals who’ve, up till now, chosen to keep away from public glare for one cause or one other. In response to Gupta, the paper was written by somebody “with a deep understanding of economics and cryptography”, each of which Musk possesses. Musk can also be recognized to be extremely proficient in C++, the language Bitcoin was written in. In response to Gupta,

“Expertise apart, Elon is a self-taught polymath. He’s repeatedly innovated throughout fields by studying books on a topic and making use of the information. It’s how he constructed rockets, invented the Hyperloop and will have invented Bitcoin”.

Gupta additionally factors to a 2014 tweet from Musk the place he makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fictional Satoshi Nakamoto, as proof that Musk might be the enigmatic character himself.

Elon Musk is a star geek, revered code jock and billionaire entrepreneur like no different, credited with being the brains behind a number of the most fascinating and talked-about tech tasks within the twenty-first century, however saying that he’s really the creator of Bitcoins might be taking it one step too far.